A Socially Oriented Form of Feudalism

       This web site describes the idea of the modification of feudalism by good social care of the citizens and by wise noblemen in the Realm's Government. This idea is the result of the conception of IBU, a martial art created for noblemen only.
       The mentioned “socially-minded form of feudalism”, or, if you like, “The IBU's Social Feudalism”, contains standard citizens and super citizens, and lower, middle and higher noblemen. The lower are landowner and pastor, the middle are lord and cardinal, and the higher are prince of district (or simply prince) and prince of region (or simply great prince).
       The Socially-Feudal Realm is divided into particular regions and in every one of them there are several standard principalities and one dominating one. The head of every standard principality is the prince of district and the head of that dominating one is the prince of region.
       The Realm's Government consists of an Aristocratic Government (the princes of region) and of the management of the Security of Realm's Inhabitants (the generals of region). It takes care of both military and civil sector. There is its military headquarters in every principality, commanded by the general of principality.
       Standard citizens are not allowed to own the land, but the super ones are allowed to co-own the land with the noblemen. The rights of those that own or co-own the land (= noblemen or super citizens) are bigger than the rights of owners in our current society. And if it deals with a nobleman's domain fenced in, with trespassing notices, in most cases the soldiers guarding it are allowed to kill without penalty everybody, who gets into it without authorization.
       All the inhabitants of the Realm have the right for a free health care, for a basic compensation for damages. Mothers are on maternity leave up to ten years of the age of their child(ren). There are child benefits, unemployment benefits, and old-age and disability pensions.
       This social system does not arrange wars and other similar disasters, and makes the euthanasia legal. I would be happy if the majority of the world (perhaps 90 %) was ruled by a clean civilization with a higher form of equality of people, managed by Heavenly Creatures (people living in this civilisation know the future and they know in advance that their life will turn out well), and the minority of the world (say 10 %) by this socially-oriented feudalism.

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