The Ideal Martial Art

       This martial art is meant, mainly or only, for noblemen. It is connected with a socially oriented form of feudalism and apart from the art of how to rule people it also contains some secrets that common people are not allowed to know. It is practiced so to say “behind a closed door” and its managers never agree that the fighters would be shot by the television.
       “The Ideal Martial Art” mainly contains techniques from a combative Sambo (in Russian «Боевое Самбо») and a military man-to-man combat (in Russian «Армейский Рукопашный Бой»). Further a fencing («фехтование»), an archery («стрельба из лука»), the handling of weapons («военное искусство»), a mental resistance, spiritual development and other.


Technical degrees of “The Ideal Martial Art”:

The Light Half: IBU I. (= partial basics, white-light grey belt) and IBU II. (= full basics, light grey belt).

The Dark Half: IBU III. (= an advanced level, a light-dark grey belt) and IBU IV. (= a masterly level, a dark grey belt).

       Belts with the shades of grey are worn together with the normal white-grey clothes and colored belts go with the training ones: orange for IBU I., green for IBU II., brown for IBU III. and black for IBU IV. Apart from the belts there are colored cards, too.


       Why for noblemen? They are “noble” enough, or if you like of a high standard, and in addition they have sufficient rights to be allowed to use their martial art in practice. The noblemen enjoy a bigger or lower immunity, and usually also enough money for fines, if their immunity would not fully cover the consequences of the use of their martial art.

       This martial art is suitable both for male and female aristocrats – noblemen and noblewomen. And in order for a lighter and weaker Dame to be allowed to perform its techniques, the ones are not used in which a too heavy opponent must be lifted up and/or thrown.
       Further, kicks to the head are not used, neither kicks to the legs (only a side kick to the opponent's knee), nor a spinning back fist.
       The total amount of the combat techniques is a medium one – there are neither too many nor too few of them. The fewer techniques the brain knows, the faster it can choose the one that is best for the current combat situation. Therefore, it would be wrong if there were too many techniques.
       All the skill levels of this martial art keep in mind that the opponent can attack the most vulnerable places of the human body, and therefore they try to keep these places protected.
       Above all, the lower degrees of this art use to fight mainly by a normal way (i.e., by the techniques that are allowed on the contemporary sports competitions) and the higher ones by a forbidden way (i.e., they attack the most vulnerable places of the human body).
       Apart from a hand-to-hand combat, the fighter learns to handle various, modern or oppositely historical, weapons.
       The art also supports a higher spiritual development including a metal resistance and the improvement of the ability to love. Moreover, it contains knowledge about the aristocratic way of life and lessons on how to rule people in a feudal social system.

       P.S.: The first book about this martial art, ending by version 8.1, was not kept hidden from the public, but the “Manual for Studying the IBU” is already kept hidden from it. This a “too strong coffee” will only be “drunk” by a limited number of insiders.

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